Mama Told Me Not To Come

Words & Music:

Randy Newman



Will you have whiskey with your water or sugar with your tea?

What are these crazy questions that you're asking me?

This is the wildest party that there ever could be.

Oh, don't turn on the lights cause I don't want to see.



G7   C              Eb   G

Mama told me not to come

Mama told me not to come

That ain't no way to have fun, no!

Am   Bbm   Bm   D7

D7   Bm    Bbm  Am


Open up the window, let some air into this room

I think I'm almost choking on the smell of stale perfume

And the cigarette you're smoking 'bout to scare me half to death

Oh, open up the window, let me catch my breath






The radio is blasting, someone's knocking on the door.

IÕm looking at my girlfriend, she's passed out on the floor.

I've seen so many things that I never seen before.

I don't know what it is but I don't wanna see no more






Am   Bbm   Bm   D7

D7   Bm    Bbm  Am

Am7  D7+5  D7


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