Longer Boats

Words & Music:

Cat Stevens



G                C             G   C             G           C             G

Longer boats are coming to win us, coming to win us, they’re coming to win us.

G                C             G   C              G   D

Longer boats are coming to win us.  Hold onto the shore.

           C                       G   C   G   C

They'll be taking the key from the door.


        G                 D           G  D         G     C   G

I don't want no God on my lawn just a flower I can help along.

           G       D      G     D     C  Em  A

'Cause the soul of nobody knows how a flower grows.

           C  Em  A

Yes, how a flower grows.




Mary dropped her pants by the sand and let a poor son come and take her hand.

But the soul of nobody knows where the poor son goes.

Where the poor son goes.




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