Listen To The Music

Words & Music:

Tom Johnston


This is fully tabbed in the December 2009 issue of Guitar World.  It is in E and in standard tuning.  The recording is about 25 cents flat, which has convinced some it is in D.  The intro tab given is pretty darned close.


Intro: [9th fret E chord]







I suggest playing the 9th fret with a first finger barre and hammering on with the third finger.


E                          A           E                            C#m

Don't you feel it growin', day by day, people gettin' ready for the news?

B               A                                          E

Some are happy, some are sad.  Oh, we got to let the music play.


What the people need is a way to make 'em smile.

It ain't so hard to do if you know how.

B                    A                   E

Gotta get a message, get it on through.  Oh, now, mama, don't you ask me why.



C#m     A

Oh, oh, listen to the music.  [3x]

        F#7      A  [full riff is: Aadd9  AM9  A6/9  AM9  Aadd9  A6/9]

All the time-------.


Well I know, you know better everything I say.

Meet me in the country for a day.

We'll be happy and we'll dance; oh, we're gonna dance our blues away.


And if I'm feelin' good to you
and you're feelin' good to me,

There ain't nothin' we can't do or say.

Feelin' good, feeling fine;
oh, baby, let the music play




E                   D/E   A                          E

Like a lazy flowing river surrounding castles in the sky

E                        D/E

And the crowd is growing bigger...


Listenin' for the happy sounds and I got to let them fly.


CHORUS:  [repeat and out]


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