Life On Mars

Words & Music:

David Bowie


G      G/F#                Dm/F      E7                  Am

It's a god-awful small affair to the girl with the mousy hair

        Am/G                D/F#                            G

But her mummy is yelling "No" and her daddy has told her to go.

        G/F#                    Dm/F

But her friend is nowhere to be seen.

         E7                       Am

Now, she walks through her sunken dream.

       Am/G                   D/F#

To the seat with the clearest view,


And she's hooked to the silver screen.

        Bb/F#              Gm              G#                    Eb

But the film is a saddened bore, for she's lived it ten times or more.

G7                            Cm            Eb

She could spit in the eyes of fools as they ask her to focus on...



C        F                        G

Sailors, fighting in the dance hall.

Am      Fm                    G  Gm                  Dm

Oh man! look at those cavemen go, it's the freakiest show.

Fm                 C       F                       G

Take a look at the Lawman, beating up the wrong guy.

Am       Fm                   G Gm                          Dm

Oh man!  Wonder if he'll ever know he's in the best selling show?

Fm               Am   C+  Am7  D7  F  Gsus4  D

Is there life on Mars?


It's on Amerika's tortured brow.  Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow.

Now the workers have struck for fame 'cause Lennon's on sale again.

See the mice in their million hordes from Ibeza to the Norfolk Broads.

"Rule Brittania!" is out of bounds to my mother, my dog and clowns.

But the film is a saddened bore 'cause I wrote it ten times before.

It's about to be writ again, as I ask you to focus on...




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