Last Boat Leaving

Words & Music:

Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus (Elvis Costello)


D                  Am             B7                     Em        A

Hush my little one don't cry so.  You know your daddy was bound to go.

D                  A                      Bm                    F#

They took his pride they took his voice.  Don't upset him, now, don't make a noise.

G                              Gm                          Bm        G

They said, "You're lucky, son, you still got the choice."  Last boat leaving.


A     D     A       D   A    D       A        D

Don't waste your tears it's not as if I'm in chains

A D          A  Bm       A           A7/A#      Bm      E

I don't want to go, now, it would be better for you, too

       A                (D/F#-tacet)

If you don't look back when we sail.  (Last boat leaving, last boat leaving)


Hush, my dear, while I whisper it in your ear.

We're not going to sail tonight, we're going to disappear.

And it feels like punishment, but I don't know what for.

Take care of your mother, son, it's you that she adores.

'Cause no matter how long we sail, we'll never reach the shore.

Last boat leaving.


A   D   A       D   A    D          A       D

So, dry your tears, it's not as if I'm in chains.

A    D      A  Bm                  A       A7/A#    Bm      E

When you go to school, son, you'll read my story in history books,

    A                      D/F# [tacet]

Only they won't mention my name  (Last boat leaving, last boat leaving)


   (A tacet)    (G tacet)    (D dim/F# tacet)

So, hush now, my darling, my sweet little one.

  (A tacet)    (G tacet)     (D dim/F# tacet)

I hope that you never have to do what I've done.  Do you know what I've done?

         Am                B7                Em            A

Why I'm going away? On the last boat leaving this stinking town.

Bm        G                 Bm        E

Last boat leaving, itŐs the last boat leaving.


A#                      C

You've had my innocence, you've had my heartbreak.


You've taken the place where I once belonged.

     C/E               D   Bm   A#   Gm   D

Now, what more can you take?


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