Kid About It

Words & Music:

Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus (Elvis Costello)


G                      F#m  B Em

He saw no tears in her eyes.  Say you wouldn't kid about it.

G                          F#m      B                        Em

She's telling all of those lies she swore she'd never told before.


But I doubt it.


    C                     Bm                        Am

So, he bit his tongue and tried hard to capture his breath.


When she said I waited all my life for just a little death.



D                G          F#m B                Em

Say you wouldn't kid about it.  Say you wouldn't kid about it.

A                G          F#m B                Em           Eb7

Say you wouldn't kid about it.  Say you wouldn't kid about it.


C                          Em              C                          Em

Sometimes, he takes himself so seriously.  She makes her movements mysteriously

F          Dm   Eb7          C

Slow, fast or--- furiously.  It's a big responsibility.


Em                                 C

With a face full of mixed ability; big dreams of elegance.

Em           F          C          D                        D9

Singing "The Leaving of Liverpool" and turning into Americans.

D                G

Say you wouldn't kid about it.

G                          F#m    B

So what if this is a man's world?

  Em                                G                  F#m

I want to be a kid again about it.  Give me back my sadness.

B                Em

I couldn't hide it, even if I tried, girl.

C                   Bm                    Am

We fight so frail - making love tooth and nail

C/D                                                                D

You gave me the kiss of my life - I might even live to tell the tale.




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