Keep Yourself Alive

Words & Music:



      F7                              Bb             F

I was told a million times of all the troubles in my way

         F7                          Bb           F

Tried to grow a little wiser, little better every day

         C                              Db

But if I crossed a million rivers and I rode a million miles

         Ab                                  C7

Then I'd still be where I started, bread and butter for a smile

Well I sold a million mirrors in a shop in Alley Way,

But I never saw my face in any window any day.

Well, now, they say your folks are telling you to be a superstar.

But I tell you just be satisfied to stay right where you are.



F                          Bb             F

Keep yourself alive, yeah, keep yourself alive.

F                                       Bb               F

It'll take you all your time and money, honey, you'll survive.


D    A7   A    F#m  Bm   G    A7   D


Well I've loved a million women in a belladonic haze.

And I ate a million dinners brought to me on silver trays.

Give me everything I need to feed my body and my soul.

Well I'll grow a little bigger, maybe that can be my goal.

I was told a million times of all the people in my way.

How I had to keep on trying and get better every day.

But if I crossed a million rivers and I rode a million miles.

Then I'd still be where I started, same as when I started.




Do you think you're better every day?

No, I just think I'm two steps nearer to my grave.




CHORUS: [2x]

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