Jenny Dreamed Of Trains

Words & Music:

Vince Gill & Guy C. Clark


      D           G               A               D     D/C# Bm

When Jenny was a little girl she only dreamed of trains.

                       G        A

She never played with dolls or lacy kinds of things.

 D             G          A                D    D/C# Bm

Jenny counted boxcars instead of counting sheep.

              G        A                D

She could go anywhere when she went to sleep.


All she ever talked about was gettin' on to ride.

She was livin' in another time you could see it in her eyes.

Everyday after school she'd head down to the tracks.

Waitin' for the train that was never comin' back.



       G      A   D              G   A     D

Jenny dreamed of trains When the nighttime came.

G      A         Bm A      E  G             A          D

Nobody knew how she made it come true Jenny dreamed of trains.


The depot's been boarded up, the rails have turned to rust.

There hasn't been a train through her since the mill went bust.

No one believed her when she said she heard the train.

Said she was just a little girl actin' kinda strange.






Jenny laid a penny on the tracks one day.

"In God We Trust", she walked away.

The very next mornin' all that she could find

Was a little piece of copper squashed flatter than a dime.




 G      A         Bm A      E          G     A          D

Nobody knew how she made it come true; Jenny dreamed of trains.


D  A7  D  G7  Bm  A  D  A7  D


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