Jennifer Juniper

Words & Music:

Donovan Phillips Leitch


This was a top 40 hit in 1967.  Thanks to Gunther Anderson for the correct chords.


Dsus4 D   Dsus4 D    A

Jenni-fer Juni--per, lives upon the hill.

Dsus4 D   Dsus4 D    A

Jenni-fer Juni--per, sitting very still.

D                 A                  D                  A

Is she sleeping?  I don't think so.  Is she breathing?  Yes, very low.

G               A            D    Dsus4 D

What'cha doin', Jennifer, my love?


Jennifer Juniper, rides a dappled mare.

Jennifer Juniper, lilacs in her hair.

Is she dreaming?  Yes, I think so.  Is she pretty?  Yes, ever so.

What'cha doin', Jennifer, my love?



D7           G  A             D

I'm thinking of what it would be like if she loved me.

    D7        F#m    G

You know just lately this happy song it came along


And I like to, somehow, try and tell you.


Jennifer Juniper, hair of golden flax.

Jennifer Juniper, longs for what she lacks.

Do you like her?  Yes, I do, sir.  Would you love her?  Yes, I would, sir.

What'cha doing, Jennifer my love?


D     G   D    A    D     G   D    A    D     G   D    A   D

Jenni-fer Juni-per, Jenni-fer Juni-per, Jenni-fer Juni-per!



Jennifer Juniper, vit sur la colline.

Jennifer Juniper, assise trs tranquille.

Dors t'elle?  Je ne crois pas.  Respire t'elle?  Oui, mais tout bas.

Qu'est-ce tu fais, Jenny, mon amour?

Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper




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