I've Got A Rock & Roll Heart

Words & Music:

Eric Clapton


A   F#m   A   F#m


A                  D                    A   F#m   E   A

I've got a feeling we could be serious, girl;

A                     D                       A   F#m   E   A

Right at this moment, I could promise you the world.

D                     A

Before we go crazy, before we explode,

D                                                             E

There's something 'bout me, baby, you got to know, you got to know.



A     F#m     D  E

I get off on '57 Chevys.

A     F#m    D            E

I get off on screaming guitar.

A               F#m     D             E

Like the way it hits me every time it hits me.

D                         E                        A

I've got a rock and roll, I've got a rock and roll heart.


Feels like we're falling into the arms of the night,

So, if you're not ready, don't be holdin' me so tight.

I guess there's nothing left for me to explain;

Here's what you're gettin' and I don't want to change,

I don't want to change.




A   F#m   D   E   A   D   A   E




I don't need to glitter, no Hollywood,

All you got to do is lay it down and you lay it down good.




A   F#m   A   F#m   A   F#m   A   F#m


In German, the tune is called:

57er Chevy and is by Ostbahn Kurti


Jetzt wos mit uns eng wird sollt i da geschwind no was sogn.

So wias grod jetzt is kannst von mia ollas haben.

Oba bevuas z'spaet is Und des wos geschehn muas passiert.

Muas i di warnen damitst wasst was da bliaht:



I foa o auf 57er Chevy.

I foa o auf laute gitarren.

So wias mi Heit hod so hods mi imma.

I leb mitn rock & roll, glaub ma i leb ned all aa.


Do is jetzt Sperrstund fia uns wirds langsam Zeit.

Wannst wasst wos da einbrockst, I wissat an Platz fia onsheit.



Uebamuagn wass i nua wos i imma sog.

I werd ka andra mehr auf meine oidn Tog.




I brauch kan Glitza ka Hollywood.

Wannst des a brauchst wos i brauch dann hamas guad.


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