Is That Love?

Words & Music:

Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze)


INTRO:  Am  E  F | C   C/B


       Am           E           F              C   C/B

You've left my ring by the soap.  Now, is that love?

    Am                   E               F              C   C/B

You cleaned me out.  You could say broke.  Now, is that love?

    Am                        G

The better, better, better it gets,

    Bb                  F        E       A    Asus4   A+2

The more these girls forget that that is love.


    A                       E                 F        G

You won't get dressed.  You walk about.  Now, is that, is that?

    A                    E                  F        G

The teasing block says, "Push me out".  Now is that, is that?

    C                            Am

The tougher, tougher, tougher it gets,

    F               G                   A    Asus4   A   Asus4

The more my lips frequent, "Now that is love."



Am                   G             D+2

Beat me up with your letters, your walk-out notes.

Am                  G       D+2           E

Funny how you still find me right here at home.

Esus4  E                  Esus4  E

Legs-- up with a book and a ---- drink.

        Esus4  E                  D+2 D       D+2  D

Now, is that-- love that's makin' you think?


    Am                   E                 F        G

You called my bluff, I'm not so hot.  Now, is that, is that?

   A                  E                         F        G

My assets froze while yours have dropped.  Now, is that, is that?

         C                      Am         F               G

It's the Cupid, Cupid, Cupid disguise that more or less survives.

             A    Asus4   A   Asus4

Now, that is love.




Am                           E             F        G

You made my bed.  The finger points.  Now, is that, is that love?

    C                              Am

The more ya, more ya, more ya cool down,

    F              G                    A

The easier love is found.  Now, that is love!


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