I'm Not The Only One

Words & Music:

Melissa Etheridge


Mark Trepanier's fantab follows.  The notes through the song are his.


[Play a muted G5 barre chord with a bluesy feel through whole verse.  Occasionally throw in the following riff:]

Riff 1:

D |---------3hp5-----------|

A |--3-3ph5----------------| [then, go back to G barre]

E |------------------------|


Please, baby, can't you see my mind's a burnin' hell?

I got razors a-rippin' and tearin' and strippin' my heart apart, as well.

Tonight, you told me that you ache for something new.

And some other woman is lookin' like something that might be good for you.



Am                          D            Dsus4

Go on and hold her 'til the screaming is gone.

Am                          D                   Dsus4

Go on, believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong.

G                         F                       E  [7th fret, open E & Riff 2]

I'm the only one, who'll walk across the fire for you =


Riff 2:

A |--7p5----7p5----7p5-------------|

E |------7------7------5-3---------|


G                          F                     E   [add Riff 1]

I'm the only one, who'll drown in my desire for you

Am                                     Cadd9

It's only fear that makes you run; the demons that you're hiding from

F                          Cadd9               G    [add Riff 2]

When all your promises are gone.  I'm the only one...


Please, baby, can't you see I'm trying to explain?

I've been here before and I'm locking the door and I'm not going back again.

Her eyes and arms and skin won't make it go away.

You'll wake up tommorrow and wrestle the sorrow that holds you down today.








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