I Palindrome I

Words & Music:

They Might Be Giants


D        G           Em           A       D   G   Em   A

Someday, mother will die and I'll get the money.

Mom leans down and says, "My sentiments exactly.

Bb  F        G          A          D

You son of a bitch."  I palindrome I.



  G          Em   A          Bm   G          Em

I palindrome I, I palindrome I, I palindrome I.

    Bm     D          G          Em          G        A

And I am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side.

             G        A   D

I palindrome I  (man, oh, man).

             G        A   D

I palindrome I  (man, oh, man).

             G        A   D

I palindrome I  (man, oh, man).

             G        A   D

I palindrome I  (man, oh, man).


See that bulletproof dress hanging from the clothesline.

See the medical chart with the random zig-zag.

Now I'll help it decide - I palindrome I.




BRIDGE  (why yes, this is a palindrome around the word "beloved"!):

G     A    Bm     A/C#       D          Em          D/F#        G

"Son, I am able," she said, "though you scare me." "Watch," said I,

   A       Bm       A/C#     Bm/D      Em             D      G      A

"Beloved," I said, "watch me scare you though."  Said she: "Able am I, son."


See the spring of the grandfather clock unwinding.

See the hands of my offspring making windmills.

Dad palindrome dad - I palindrome I.




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