I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

Words & Music:

Pat Upton (The Spiral Staircase)


INTRO:  Bm  C  D  [2x]


Bm                    C          D

I don't remember what day it was.

Bm                    C          D

I didn't notice what time it was.

Bm                    C                D

All I know is that I fell in love with you.

       Bm                 Em            C                  D

And if all my dreams come true, I'll be spending time with you.


Every day's a new day in love with you

With each day comes a new way of loving you

Every time I kiss your lips my mind starts to wander

And if all my dreams come true, I'll be spending time with you



Em             Am              Bsus4     B

Oh, I love you more today than yesterday,

Em         Am        B

But not as much as tomorrow.

Em         Am              Bsus4     B

I love you more today than yesterday,

Em                   A         C   D

But, darling, not as much as tomorrow.


Tomorrow's date means springtime's just a day away

Cupid, we don't need ya now, be on your way

I thank the lord for love like ours that grows ever stronger

And I always will be true, I know you feel the same way too





Bm                     C

Every day's a new day, every time I love ya.  [repeat and out]



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