I Got You, Babe

Words & Music:

Sonny Bono


     A                   D/A                  A                D G    E

They say we're young and we don't know and we won't find out until we grow.

Well, I don't know if all that's true, 'cause you got me, and, baby, I got you.



A  D/A      A        D/A      A       D/A

Babe, I got you, babe.  I got you, babe.


They say our love won't pay the rent.  Before it's earned, our money's all been spent.

I guess that's so, we don't have a pot.  At least I'm sure of all the things we got.





      Bm             E              Bm             E

I got flowers in the spring.  I got you to wear my ring.

             A             D/A                                          E   F

And when I'm sad, you're a clown.  And if I get scared, you're always around


[key shift to  Bb]


    Bb                Eb/Bb                   Bb                 Eb    Ab       F

So, let them say your hair's too long, 'cause I don't care, with you I can't go wrong.

Then put your little hand in mine.  There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb.


CHORUS: [in new key]

Bb Eb/Bb    Bb     Eb/Bb      Bb     Eb/Bb

Babe, I got you, babe.  I got you, babe.


[continue Bb to Eb/Bb vamp over Coda]

I got you to hold my hand.  I got you to understand.

I got you to walk with me.  I got you to talk with me.

I got you to kiss goodnight.  I got you to hold me tight.

I got you, I won't let go.  I got you to love me so.

[slowly] I got you, babe.


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