An Hour In The Shower Suite

Words & Music:

Terry Kath (Chicago)


Part 1:  "A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast"

D             D/C               G/B             D

Today when I awoke, the morning blues hung over me.

A7  A7/G                        D/F#

So, I looked it straight in the eye.

D                 D/C                 G/B              D

I jumped into the shower for about an hour, oh, it was fine.

A7    A7/G                D/F#

Yeah, it helps me all the time.

     Dm/F                E7sus4  E7

It's soothing to my mind just to see

      A  A/G            D/F#

Those blues go slipping down the drain.


Now, I usually have my breakfast which consists of tasty Spam.

Yeah, I could eat it all day long.

But I only love one brand and I can't find it way out here.

So, I have to take a pass and settle for some hash.

What a drag you're not here.  Oh, sweet, sweet Spam.



Part 2: "Off To Work"

E              D      E  D   E                    D         E  D  E

Now, I must be off to work.  I sweat all night in filth and dirt.

A7                       A7sus4

Taking things to get the power.

      E                   D          E  D  E

Lord, give me strength to make these hours.

Em7                     D

Soon my long workday is done.

Em7                     A  A/G#  A/G                  D/F#

Then, I run home to the fun-------- of my hour in the shower.



Part 3: "Falling Out"

D                    D/C         G/B                  G

Now I lay me down to sleep and I dream of my treasure map.

   A7    A7/G                      D/F#

It shows me the place my Maypole's buried at.

D                      D/C                G/B                  G

And I dream of all the fun I have when my Maypole comes out to play.

A7 A7/G                        D/F#

Oh, and I dream things I can't say.

   Dm/F                 E7sus4  E7             A  A/G

Or I'd get put away, so now-------- I'd better stop

                     D/F#  D

Before I give it all away.



Part 4: "Dreaming Home"

D                   D/F#  F#m7-5

Dream...  Dream...  Dream-----------...

G6     EM7  G7  AbM7   Ab  A       Ab   Ab7  Gb7+5-9

Dreams in-- the night----- take me back to-- you.

     G         EM7  G7  Abm7   Ab

Then day comes with its friend---,

    A       Ab    Ab7   Gb7+5-9   Gm/F#

The morning blues a-----gain.


Oh, no...



Part 5: "Morning Blues Again"

D                       D/C               G/B                G

So, if you wake up this morning and those blues are hanging 'round.

A7           A7/G                            D/F#

Just listen, baby, and I'll tell you what to do.

D                          D/C          G/B              G

Just reach underneath your bed and turn on your electric friend, yes.

A7 A7/G                          D/F#      Dm/F

Oh---, and turn your thoughts to me 'cause you'll know where I'll be.

         E7sus4 E7   A7 A7/G                       D

And then you-------- can join me in my hour in the shower.

A7   A7/G                 D/F#    D

Join me in my hour in the shower.


Gb7+5-9 = 2 X 2 3 3 3

F#m7-5  = 2 0 2 2 1 0  OR:  x x 4 5 5 2


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