Homeward Bound

Words & Music:

Paul Simon


    C                                     Em                      Gm6

I'm sitting in the railway station, got a ticket for my destination.



Dm                                Bb

On a tour of one night stands, my suitcase and guitar in hand

    C                                           G7      C

And every stop is neatly planned for a poet & a one-man band.



C        F               C             F

Homeward bound, I wish I was, Homeward bound.

C               Dm      C  Bb  F

Home, where my thoughts escaping.

C              Dm  C   Bb   F

Home, where my music's playing.

C               Dm  C    Bb  F   G7           C

Home, where my love lies waiting silently for me.




Every day is an endless stream of cigarettes and magazines.


And each town looks the same to me the movies and the factories

And every stranger's face I see reminds me that I long to be.




Tonight I'll see my songs again, all played a game and pretend.


But all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity.

Like emptiness in harmony I need someone to comfort me.




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