Here Comes Your Man

Words & Music:

Black Francis (Pixies)


This is fully transcribed in Guitar World.


Intro & Chorus riff:  [play 3x for intro]








D                 A               Em                 G  [etc.]

Outside there's a boxcar waiting, outside the family store.

Out by the fire breathing, utside we wait' til face turns blue.

I know the nervous walking.  I know the dirty beard hangs.

Out by the boxcar, waiting.  Take me away to nowhere place.



Bm                  G                  A

There is a wait so long.  (So long, so long.)


You'll never wait so long.



G  A               D

   Here comes your man.  [3x]



SOLO OVER:  D5  A  Em  G  D


Big shake on the boxcar moving.

Big shake to the land that's falling down

Is a wind makes a palm start blowing?

A big, big stone fall and break my crown




INTERLUDE OVER:  D  A  Em  G  [3x]





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