Goodbye Girl

Words & Music:

Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze)


D              A                    D          A  [etc.]

I met her in a poolroom (barroom).  Her name I didn't catch.

She looks like something special.  The kind who'd understand.

The room was almost spinning.  She pulled another smile.

She had the grace like pleasure.  She had a certain style.



G            A         G              A

Sunlight on the lino.  Woke me with a shake.

G                  A                   D

I looked around to find her but she had gone.

D             G D             G D             A

Goodbye girl. Goodbye girl. Goodbye girl.


She took me to her motel.  A room on the second floor.

The kettle and two coffees.  A number on the door.

She said, "I hardly know you".  Agreed we kissed goodnight.

I knew that in the morning.  Somehow, I'd wake to find...




I've lost my silver razor (blue address book).

My club room locker keys.

The money in the waist coat (fur coat).

It doesn't bother me.

My wife has moved to Jersey (Guernsey).

So, mugged is not the word.

If you ever see her, say "Hello, goodbye girl".




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