Georgie And Her Rival

Words & Music:

Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus (Elvis Costello)

Transcribed by: Christian Korbanka

Cm  F


Gmaj7  G                           C             D

Georgie grew to hate her name.  It sounded like a tiny man.

Gmaj7  G

And the one she had said "I Can't see you


         G  D/Fis     C/E

But I'll call you, whenever I can!"

            G                        D             C

Sometimes the phone would ring, when she was half asleep

G                                D       C

A voice would drag her down with its suggestions

G                              Eb         F

Though she often felt cheated, she never felt cheap



Am                                    Bb                 Dm

Well heaven know what fills the heart and makes you feel so alive


C                   Em        Eb              F

It's impossible to tear apart Georgie and her rival


It was half-past February & he hadn't called since New Year's day

Maybe he'd found another woman to say

Those words no chapel girl should say

Her mother would phone and always keep her talking

She'd try to be polite, making faces

But somewhere in the back of her mind

Her rival was stalking





Bm                G          Em                F#

Her rival would always wait 'til the eighth or ninth bell


Bm                  G        C        F

He'd be desperate anyway and drunk as well

Dm           Dm7               Dm6             G

She always like to hurt him to prove he was prepared

    Dm       Dm7             Dm6   Dm6/G         G   Eb           F

To love her anyway that she wanted so she could tell which she preferred


He sat up with his addressbook, trying to think what mood he's in

His finger traced past Georgie's name to someone who needed less persuading

He didn't hear through her disguise he didn't leave her in a rush

Just like the promise that he left on her machine that always made her blush

The radio plays a lover's symphony

"The number you have dialed has been re-directed"

Now she puts him on the speaker-phone whenever she has company




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