Fox On The Run

Words & Music:

Andy Scott, Mick Tucker,

Brian Connolly & Steve Priest (Sweet)


Keyboard part:

   E       B  A    E       B  A    E       B  A    E       B  A








Guitar Part:

   E       B  A    E       B  A    E       B  A    E       B  A








B     A           E         B            A         E        B

I..., don't wanna know your name, 'Cause you don't look the same,


The way you did before.

O.K, you think you got a pretty face; but, the rest of you is out of place.

    A                      B

You looked alright before.



E   B      A               B   E    B    A           B

Fox on the run, you scream and everybody comes a-running.

E      B       A             B A

Take a run and hide yourself away.

A           B     A     B    E   B      A            B  E  [play intro 2x]

Foxy on the run.  F - foxy.  Fox on the run and hide away.


You, you talk about just every band, but the names you drop are secondhand.

I've heard it all before.

I, don't wanna know your name, 'cause you don't look the same,

The way you did before.




E   B      A

Fox on the run. [repeat & out]


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