Father Of Mine

Words & Music:

Art Alexakis & Everclear


This is fully transcribed in the July 1999 issue of Guitar World.  All guitars are tuned down one-half step.


D5            F#5                          G5

Father of mine, tell me where have you been?

G5                             E5                         D5  [etc]

You know, I just closed my eyes, my whole world disappeared.

Father of mine, take me back to the day.

When I was still your golden boy, back before you went away.

I remember the blue skies, walking the block.

I loved it when you held me high, I loved to hear you talk.

You would take me to the movie, you would take me to the beach.

G5      F#5  F5  E5                              Eb5 D5

Take me to-- a-- place inside that is so hard to reach.


D   A  G  | F#  G  A | D/A  A  G | F#  G  A


Father of mine , tell me where did you go?

You had the world inside your hand but you did not seem to know.

Father of mine, tell me what do you see

When you look back at your wasted life and you don't see me?

I was ten years old, doing all that I could.

It wasn't easy for me to be a scared white boy in a black neighborhood.

Sometimes you would send me a birthday card with a five-dollar bill.

G5      G F#  F    E                             Eb D5  D/A  A  G

I never understood you then, and I guess I never will.



F#         G        A   D/A  A  G  F#         G[etc.]

My dad, he gave me a name--------, my dad, he gave me a name.

(Then he walked away) My dad, he gave me a name.

(Then he walked away) My dad, he gave me a name.



A  D  | F#   |  G5  G  F3  F | E      Eb | (D/A)


Father of mine, tell me where have you been?

I just closed my eyes and the world disappeared

Father of mine, tell me how do you sleep?

With the children you abandoned and the wife I saw you beat?

D    F#/C#      G/D                   E5

I will never be safe, I will never be sane.

E5                   D                          F#/C#

I will always be weird inside, I will always be lame

F#/C#             G/D                    E/B

Now, I am a grown man with a child of my own.

E/B                                 D                         F#/C#

And I swear I'm not going to let her know all the pain I have known.


CHORUS:  [repeat & out on D]

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