Words & Music:

The Turtles


Em                              Am9            Am

You got a thing about you. I just can't live without you.

B7       Em        C         B7

I really want you, Eleanore, near me

Em                        Am9         Am

Your looks intoxicate me, even though your folks hate me.

B7                                 Em  Em/B  Em/C  Em/B  Em/G

There's no one like you, Eleanore, really.



E                             G#m                      A

Eleanore, gee, I think you're swell & you really do me well.

A         E                 B7

You're my pride and joy, et cetera.

F#m       F#m7/F         F#m7                          B7

Eleanore, can I take the time to ask you to speak your mind?

       E                    Em/B  Em/C  Em/B  Em/G

Tell me that you love me better.


I really think you're groovy.  Let's go out to a movie

What do you say, now, Eleanore, can we?

They'll turn the lights way down low.

Maybe we won't watch the show.

I think I love you, Eleanore, love me.




E   B7  E                            G#m        B7

        Eleanore, gee I think you're swell.  Ah-hah!

E                            G#m        B7

Eleanore, gee I think you're swell.  Ah-hah!




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