Don't Ask Me Why

Words & Music:

Billy Joel


[capo 3]  C  G  C  [4x]


G                       A7         D7                          G      C

All the waiters in your grand cafˇ leave their tables when you blink, oh.

G                       A7         D7                        G

Every dog must have his every day, every drunk must have his drink.

      B7       Em            G7        A7

Don't wait for answers, just take your chances

C     G    [intro riff]

Don't ask me why


All your life you had to stand in line, still you're standing on your feet, oh.

All your choices made you change your mind, now your calendar's complete.

Don't wait for answers, just take your chances.

Don't ask me why.



    D                              C

Mm, you can say the human heart is only make-believe,

    D                            G

And I am only fighting fire with fire.

    E                               A

But you are still the victim of the accidents you leave,

   E7            A7          D7

As sure as I'm a victim of desire.


All the servants in your new hotel throw their roses at your feet, oh.

Fool them all, but baby I can tell, you're no stranger to the street.

Don't ask for favors, don't talk to strangers,

Don't ask me why.


Yesterday you were an only child, now your ghosts have gone away.

You can kill them in the classic style, now you parlez vous Fran¨ais.

Don't look for answers, you took your chances.

Don't ask me why.

Don't ask me why.


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