Counting Blue Cars

Words & Music:

Kolanek, John Richards, Rodney Browning,

Scot Alexander & George Pendergast (Dishwalla)


There is debate over whether the chords are "Bm  A  G" or "Bm  E  D".  I have seen both versions and think it is up to personal preference.  Either way, leave high E string open as a drone for all these chords.  I'm all for playing around with your own interpretation, just leave the high E as a drone.


One version:                        The Other Version

     Be   Ee   De   G    Asus2          Bm        A / A(add2)   G(add6)

E +--0----0----0----3----0------|   E |--0----0---0----0----0---0------|

G |--0----0----0----3----0------|   B |--3----0---2----5----0---3------|

B |--4----9----7----4----2------|   G |--4 or 7---2 or 6 or 2---4------|

D |--4----9----7----5----2------|   D |--4----9---2----7----2---5------|

A |--2----7----5----5----0------|   A |--X----9---0----7----0---5------|

E +--x----x----x----3----x------|   E |--X----X---X----x----x---x------|


INTRO: Bm  A   G [2x]


Bm        A    G

Must have been mid-afternoon.

Bm      A           G

I could tell by how far the child's shadow stretched out and

Bm   A                     G

He-- walked with a purpose, in his sneakers, down the street.  He had

Bm   A               G

Many questions, like children often do.



[tacit]   D       E                    G    D         E         G    Bm

He said, "Tell me all your thoughts on God.  Tell me, am I very far?"


Must have been late afternoon.

On our way, the sun broke free of the clouds.

We count only blue cars, skip the cracks in the street and ask

Many questions, like children often do.



We said, "Tell me all your thoughts on God.

'Cause I would really like to meet her.

And ask her why we're who we are.

Tell me all your thoughts on God,

'Cause I am on my way to see her.

So, tell me am I very far?  Am I very far, now?"




It's getting cold, picked up the pace.

How our shoes make hard noises in this place.

Our clothes are stained; we pass many, Cross-eyed people and ask

Many questions like children often do.



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