Carolina In My Mind

Words & Music:

James Taylor


[capo 3  A#dim7 = x 1 2 x 2 x]


D   G G/F   Em7   G/A 



D               G        G/F# A

In my mind, I'm goin' to Carolina.

G                 A          Em7                     A

Can't you see the sunshine?  Can't you just feel the moonshine?

D             A/C#   Bm        A       G      D/F#   E7

Ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind.

G/A      D        Bm7 Em7  G/A   D

Yes, I'm goin' to Carolina in my mind.


D                 C                   G                   A   A#dim7

Karen, she's a silver sun; you'd best walk her way & watch it shine.

Bm        G                       A

Watch her watch the morning come.

  A      G          D/F#          Bm7  E7   A7sus4  A7

A silver tear appearing; now, I'm cry--ing, ain't-- I?

D        Bm7    Em7  G/A     D

Goin' to Carolina in my mind.


There ain't no doubt in no-ones mind that love's the finest thing around.

Whisper something soft and kind.

And, hey, babe, the sky's on fire; I'm dying, ain't I?

Goin' to Carolina in my mind.




Dark and silent, late last night I think I heard the highway calling

Geese in flight and dogs that bite.

And signs that might be omens say I'm going, going,

Goin' to Carolina in my mind.


D      G            A                Bm

With a holy host of others standing 'round me.

F#m7              Em7             G     A

Still I'm on the dark side of the road.

A      C                  G               D

And it seems like it goes on like this forever.

D            C    G/B  Em7 G/A           D        Bm7  Em7 G/A   D

You must forgive me------- if I'm up and goin' to Carolina in my mind.




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