Brown-Eyed Girl

Words & Music:

Van Morrison


This is in the April 2006 issue of Acoustic Guitar.


G              C      G             D  [etc.]

Hey, where did we go, days when the rains came?

Down in the hollow playing a new game.

Laughin' and a-runnin', hey, hey, skippin' and a-jumpin'

G            C                 G   D                     C

In the misty morning fog, with our hearts a-thumpin' and you,

D             G  Em  C      D           G  D

My brown-eyed girl.  You, my brown-eyed girl.


Whatever happened to Tuesday and so slow?

Going down the old mine with a transistor radio.

Standin' in the sunlight laughing, hidin' behind a rainbow's wall.

Slippin' and a-slidin' all along the waterfall

With you, my brown-eyed girl.  You, my brown-eyed girl.




Do you remember when we used to sing:

G         C           G              D7

Sha-la-la la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-ti da.  (Just like that!)

G         C           G              D7         G

Sha-la-la la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-ti da.  La-ti-da.


So hard to find my way, now that I'm all on my own.

I saw you just the other day, my, how you have grown!

Cast my memory back there, Lord.

Sometimes I'm overcome thinkin' 'bout it.

Laughin' and a-runnin', hey, hey, behind the stadium

With you, my brown-eyed girl.  You, my brown-eyed girl


CHORUS:  [2x and out - you can end on the intro riff below]


Intro, version 1: [same as official transcription]

   G                    C

E -7--8-10--8--7-|12-13-15-13-12-|           E -5-----------5---|

B -8-10-12-10--8-|13-15-17-15-13-| 2x, then  B -----7---8---7---|  to verse

G ---------------|---------------|           G -7---------------|

D ---------------|---------------|           D -----------------|


Intro, version 2: [sounds more like recording]

E --3--5--7--5--3---|-6--8--10--8--6-|

B ------------------|----------------|  etc.

G --4--5--5--5--4---|-7--8--10--8--6-|

D ------------------|----------------|


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