Black Coffee In Bed

Words & Music:

Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook


D                     Bm                   G         D

There's a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was

            D           Bm             G          D

And there's ash in the pages, now I've got myself lost

       D          Bm               G         D

I was writing to tell you that my feelings tonight

       D           Bm            G          D

Are a stain on my notebook that rings your goodbye . . .



Bm                      F#

Now she's gone, and I'm back on the beat

   C#m                      A

A stain on my notebook says nothing to me

D                       G                                A

Now she's gone and I'm out with her friend (out with her friend)

                          G              D

With lips full of passion and coffee in bed


With the way that you left me I could hardly contain

The hurt and the anger and the joy of the pain

Now knowing I am single there'll be fire in my eyes

And a stain on my notebook for a new love tonight




INSTRUMENAL SOLO OVER:  Eb  A  G  A  [vamp 'til done, end on D]


CHORUS:  [last two lines only]


From lips without passion to the lips with a kiss

There's nothing of your love that I'll ever miss

The stain on my notebook remains all that's left

Of the memory of late nights and coffee in bed

       D          Bm             G         D

Of the memory of late nights and coffee in bed


CHORUS:  [repeat, solo & out]


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