Bad Sneakers

Words & Music:

Donald Fagan & Walter Becker


   E6           DM7   D6     E6     D7       C#m7              F#m7

E |--------------------------------------------------------------------|

B |---------------------------------5--------7b9----7------5-h-7-p-5---|

G |-5b6------5b6---5b6---4-----5b6-----6-------------------------------|

D |--------------------------------------------------------------------|

A |--------------------------------------------------------------------|

E |--------------------------------------------------------------------|


            E6       D6    E6              D6








VERSE VAMP:  DM7  A  DM7  A  [alt:  A  Bm7(no 5)  Bm7  A as below]

       Names          Hear            Mine                Here

         A            Bm7(no5)        Bm7                  A








Five names that I can hardly stand to hear:

Including yours and mine and one more chump who isn't here.

I can see the ladies talkin' how the times were getting' hard.

 and that fearsome excavation on Magnolia Boulevard



       DM7  C#m7  F#m7  E6         DM7             C#m7     F#m7  E6

Yes, I'm going insane----- and I'm laughing at the frozen rain.

       DM7 C#m7  F#m7  E6         DM7              C#m7    Bm7  D/E

And I'm so a---lone------.  Honey, when they gonna send me home?


CHORUS:  [alt. chords in italics]

FM7(8)             Em7(7)

C                  Am

Bad sneakers and a pia colada, my friend.

Dm7(10)                   C(8)

F                         F/G   G11

Stomping on the avenue by Radio City.

       FM7(8)           Em7(7)

       C                Am

With a transistor and a large sum of money to spend.


   E6     D6   E6            D6




 DM7      A                DM7       A

You fella, you tear up the street.

You wear that white tuxedo, how you gonna beat the heat?

Do you take me for a fool?  Do you think that I don't see?

That ditch out in the valley that they're digging just for me?











This solo:








         A            Bm7(no5)        Bm7            A/C#       Bm7








       Bm7(no5)        Bm7      A










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