Avenging Annie

Words & Music:

Andy Pratt


A                                  D           A     E   A

We ran through hills and forest as two under a spell.

       D                   A             D         E        A     E   A

He was City Boy Floyd, the outlaw, but I thought I knew him well.

Long after that great summer, when I first came into my fame.

And "The Avenger From Oklahoma" was added to my name.

    D       E        E  A

The Avenger I became.


G          D        A       G           D      A   E   A

Well, they call me Avenging Annie, I'm avenger of womanhood.

I spend my whole life telling lies.  I'll lead you on and mess you over good.

I'll take all you spoiled young hippies, running around playing games.

Mess around in your bed, I'll blow your head.

I'll put you through a change.


A                   G       D    E    A

What you've done to others, I do unto you.


        G      D         A                  G                D     A

Then, I met my sensitive outlaw, he was the best thing I had ever seen.

I wanna be his wife for to give him my life, I was so blind I could never had seen no!

      D         E       A          D          E   A

So, I joined up with my outlaw and headed for California.


He treated me worse than I ever imagined.  He'd even say he don't want me around

He kept it up so long, I couldn't be strong, he run me right into the ground.

And for five long years, he picked me up and then he slapped me down.

Then, I told my friends about him.  They all were on my side.

But, I could see through the haze that he looked so crazy,

And I put my head right down and I cried.

For my poor lover, I cried like a mother for my poor lover.


Well, I felt so sad about it, but I knew I couldn't do him no good

He was so far gone, well, standing on the lawn,

I left him as I knew I should.

I knew I couldn't do him no good.

And now I live out on a mountaintop and I'm almost thirty-five.

And I've found my peace and I've found release and I'm happy just to be alive.

And I might go back to my Floyd, if I think it's the thing to do.

He gave up murder and theft right after I left

And you know I still love him, too

Just like your woman loves you.  [repeat as many times as you'd like]


Well, they call me Avenging Annie, the avenger of womanhood.

I spend my whole life telling lies

I'll lead you on and mess you over good.  [repeat and out]


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