All I Want

Words & Music:

Joni Mitchell


D                         A7  Bm           C               G      C    A7     D

I am on a lonely road and I am traveling.  Looking for something, what can it be?

D                               A7      Bm

Oh, I hate you some, I hate you some, I love you some.

      C      G    C      A7        D

Oh, I love you when I forget about me.

             Bm                       A                Bm             A

I want to be strong I want to laugh along, I want to belong to the living.

       Bm                        A

By the light, I wanna get up and jive,

                   Bm                        D

I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

D                                          A

Do you want?  Do you want?  Do you want to dance with me baby?


Do you want to take a chance?

          Bm                                                  A  A7sus4  Am7

And maybe finding some sweet romance with me baby, well, come on...


All I really, really want our love to do is to bring out the best in me & in you too.

All I really, really want our love to do is to bring out the best in me & in you.

I want to talk to you, I want to shampoo you, I want to renew you again and again.

Applause, applause, life is our cause.  When I think of your kisses, my mind seesaws.

Do you see?  Do you see?  Do you see how you hurt me, baby?

      D         A9           A7sus4        Bm  A  A7sus4  Am7

So, I hurt you, too, then we both get so unglued.


I am on a lonely road and I am traveling.  Looking for the key to set me free.

Oh, the jealousy to greed of the unraveling,

It's the unraveling, and it undoes all the joy that could be.

I want to have fun, I want to shine like the sun.

I want to be the one that you want to see.

I want to knit you a sweater, want to write you a love letter,

Make you feel better, make you feel free.


Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmm, hmmm


Want to make you feel free.

                      A  A7sus4  Am7  D

I wanna make you feel free.


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