Words & Music:

Eddie Vedder & Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam)


This is fully transcribed in Guitar World.


A5  |  A  Asus2/4  A  Asus2/4 [vamp those two chords]  F5  C


A  Asus4        A                    Asus4  [etc.]

"Son," she said, "have I got a little story for you.

What you thought was your daddy was nothin' but a...

While you were sittin' home alone at age thirteen,

Your real daddy was dyin'.

                 F5     C         F       C

Sorry you didn't see him; but I'm glad we talked..."



    E    G5     D          A           E  G      D          A

Oh, I... ooooh, I'm still alive.  Hey, I, ooooh, I'm still alive.

E  G      D          A                E   G5  D  A  B5

Hey I, ooooh, I'm still alive.  Hey...oh...


Oh, she walks slowly, across a young man's room.

She said, "I'm ready...for you."

I can't remember anything to this very day;

'Cept the look...the look...

Oh, you know where, now I can't see.


I just stare...




INTERLUDE:  E  G5  D  A  |  B5  F#  B5  F#  [2x]



A7  A9  Dsus2               A7  A9  D5add6  [etc.]

         "Is something wrong?" she said.

          Well, of course there is...

         "You're still alive," she said.

                         B7  B9  Esus2  [etc.]

"Oh, and do I deserve to be?"

Is that the question?

And if so..., if so..., who answers?  Who answers...?





E  G5  D  A  E  [vamp solo and out on E]



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