Not Too Late

Words & Music:

Lindsey Buckingham


There is an arrangement of this song from his 2006 CD "Under The Skin" in the February 2007 issue of Acoustic Guitar.  It is originally in open-G tuning, down one whole step (C F C F A C).  You'll need this tab if you want all the cool-sounding 9ths & 4ths that make this song.


Em(add 9)

Reading the paper saw a review.

C(add 9)              D(add 9)

Said I was a visionary--------, but nobody knew.

Em(add 9)

Now, that's been a problem, feeling unseen.

C(add 9)             D(add 9)

Just like I'm living--------- in somebody's dream.



          Bb(add 9)  Am7         G(add 9)

What am I do---------------ing, anyway?

        Bb(add 9)  Am7            G(add 9)

Telling myself---------- it's not too late.


I'm not a young man, but I'm a child in my soul.

I feel there's room for a man who is whole.

And there's a need for songs that are sung.

For chances not taken for deeds not yet done.




BRIDGE:  [2x]

G  Dadd4/F#            Em7           Dadd4/F#  G  C6(9)   G

           My children look away----------------.

G                       Dadd4/F#

They don't know what to say


So, that's been a problem, feeling unheard.

So-called visions always deferred.

It must be the reason I developed this need.

You know you should never believe what you read.


CHORUS:  [2x]


BRIDGE:  [2x]


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