New Kid In Town

Words & Music:

The Eagles


E                                            F#m/A  B  F#m/B  B

There's talk on the streets, it sounds so familiar.

A           B                   E

Great expectations, everybody's watchin' you.

                                       F#m/B  B  F#m7  B

The people you meet, they all seem to know you.

A          B                                E           Absus4  Ab7

Even your old friends treat you like your somethin' new.



C#m            F#   C#m             F#

Johnny-come-lately, the new kid in town,

C#m        F#        F#m7               B7

Everybody loves you, so don't let them down.


You look in her eyes, the music begins to play.

Hopeless romantics, here we go again.

But after a while, you're lookin' the other way.

It's those restless hearts that never mend.


CHORUS:  [new last line:  Will she still love you when you're not around?]



B7                                          E

There's so many things that you should have told her.

B7                                       C#m

But night after night, you're willing to hold her,

     B/F#  F#7  Am7          C/D  D

Just hold her, tears on your shoulder.


G                                          Am7   D    Am7  D

There's talk on the streets it's there to remind you;

C              D                 G

Doesn't really matter which side you're on.

                                         Am7    D    Am7  D   D7

You're walkin' away, and they're talkin' behind you.

          C                      D                   G         B7

They will never forget you till somebody soon comes along.



Em7             A       Em7                 A

Where you been lately? There's a new kid in town.

Em7        A                       Am7               B7              E       G#m7  A

Everybody loves him. (don't they?) Now, he's holdin' her, and you're still around.

B7                   E       G#m7     A

There's a new kid in town

B7                      E         G#m7    A    Am7

Just another new kid in town

E                            C#m

Everybody's talkin' bout the new kid in town


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