Frank Mills

Words & Music:

Galt & McDermot (Hair)


G                  D

I met a boy called Frank Mills

      C           G     C                    G

On September 12th right here in front of the Waverly,

      D        C     D          G

But unfortunately, I lost his address.


G                         D

He was last seen with his friend, a drummer,

     G                       C

He resembles George Harrison of the Beatles,

       G                   C          D          G

But he wears his hair tied in a small bow at the back.



  C    D             C

I love him, but it embarrasses me

   C                         G

To walk down the street with him.

D           C            D

He lives in Brooklyn somewhere,

    C                D     C  D

And wears this white crash helmet.



He has golden chains on his leather jacket,

    C                           G

And on the back are written the names:

          C        G      D G

Mary, and Mom, and Hell's Angels.


G               D

I would gratefully appreciate it

G              C    D

If you see him tell him

G                       C   G           D - D7

I'm in the park with my girlfriend, and please

         G          D                C   D  G    C

Tell him Angela and I don't want the two dollars back,

D7   G

Just him.


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