Accidentally Like A Martyr

Words & Music

Warren Zevon


[Capo 3]


D   A/C#        Bm    D/A    Em7      D             G

The phone don't ring, no, no and the sun refused to shine.

G                         A   Bm A  G

Never thought I'd have to pay so dearly.

Em           D       G    Bm7     E7                A

For what was already mine---- for such a long, long time.



        D         A            G                D

We made mad love, shadow love, random love and abandoned love

D                   A

Accidentally like a martyr.

C             G             D

The hurt gets worse and the heart gets harder.  [repeat entire chorus]


The days slide by.  "Should have done, should have done," we all sigh.

Never thought I'd ever be so lonely

After such a long, long time; time out of mind.



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